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There are a few edge options with hardwood flooring, including beveled, micro, square and pillowed edges. Each edge will impact the style and overall look of your home, but it can also hide issues with the sub-floor below. We can all live in wonderland and imagine that our sub-floors are perfectly level and flawless – but those who live in the real world will understand that sometimes you just need to get creative to make flooring look amazing.

Knol defines beveled edges as a more distinct angle that creates a deep “v” between planks, great for modern styles. Micro beveled, also known as eased, offer a distinct look perfect for distressed and hand scraped hardwoods; great for westernesque styled homes. Squared edges offer a more uniform look perfect for contemporary home decor. Pillow beveled edges offer an eased angle as well, with a softer transition throughout the floor. Hardwood featuring pillowed edging often looks great in rooms that boast quaint decor.

Square Beveled Edges
Square Bevel
Beveled Edges
Micro Beveled Edges
Micro Bevel

The Flooring Facts Guide explains how each style of edging can play a different roll for your sub-floor. Square beveled planks meet with a uniform smoothness between planks. This surface blends throughout the flooring for an overall contemporary and modern look. Beveled are more qualified for country decor while the deep bevels hide irregularities in sub-floor such as plank height variations. Micro Bevel is just a distinct and light beveling around the edges of each plank; offering a shallow groove. The Eased Edges also hide minor sub-floor irregularities such as unevenness.

Every type of flooring features an edge, including all types of hardwood flooring. Laminate, Solid and Engineered, Bamboo and Exotic Hardwood Flooring have this small variety of beveled edges to choose from. So, for example, if you have an uneven concrete sub-floor perhaps look into a Handscraped Engineered product with a Micro-Beveled edge to hide uneven planks.

Analyze your needs, compile your thoughts and keep track of likes and dislikes before running out and buying a floor. Searching online for great products and helpful information will lead you in the right direction towards the perfect hardwood.


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